Hot Wing Sauce

Hot Wing Sauce
  1. 6 lbs hot peppers, most of the seeds removed, a mixture of fresh and frozen (see tips below)
  2. use a mixture of your favorites or just whatever is growing in the garden: scotch bonnet, banana, poblana, cherry, jalapeu00f1o, thai
  3. 2 large sweet red peppers (adds sweetness and color)
  4. 1/4 cup safflower oil
  5. 2 lbs okra, chopped coarsely
  6. 1 or 2 cups vinegar (see instructions)
  7. 2 whole bulbs of garlic, peeled and chopped coarsely (yes it is a lot)
  8. 2 Tbs black pepper
  9. 2 Tbs salt
see instructions
  1. butter: 1 lbs now or 2 Tbs per serving later
  2. vinegar: 1 cup now or 1 Tbs per serving later
  1. Prepare the peppers (see hints tips below). In a large pot, sautu00e9 the peppers, okra and oil until soft. Simmer for an hour. They should make their own juice. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer another hour or two. If brave you can taste it and adjust the spices. Optionally let it cool overnight to set the flavors.
  2. Blend, puree or mill the sauce. The food mill removes all of the seeds and skins, but the other methods still make a smooth sauce.
  3. Add one cup of vinegar now. This makes a thicker sauce and saves freezer/can space. Optional: add 2 cups of vinegar now and don't add any when you make the final sauce below. If you are canning, don't add any butter now. If you are freezing, you can add the entire 1 lbs of butter now and don't add any when ready to serve.
  4. Freeze or can the sauce in 4 oz containers/jars for 2 servings of hot wing sauce. To can I use a pressure canner to be safe, hot packed, 5# for 30 minutes.
  5. Serving: for 8 small or regular sized wings, mix 2 Tbs hot wing sauce with 2 Tbs vinegar and 2 Tbs butter in a large container with a lid. Add deep fried wings right from the fryer, put the lid on and shake for 15 seconds. Take the lid off, let cool for 2 minutes, put the lid back on and shake for 15 additional seconds. Promptly remove the lid (unless you like soggy wings). Serve immediately.
  1. Use disposable nitrile gloves. They will not let the pepper juice soak through to burn your hands and if you get the correct size for your hands you won't chop the tips off while working. Pull the fingers down so they are tight. As a precaution I have my wife dial 91 before I start cutting the peppers in case there are any problems. Keep your work area clean, discard the gloves after each use, and wash your hands thoroughly after every session of dealing with the peppers.
  2. You can freeze the peppers all summer, and then make one huge batch in the Fall per the ingredient list above. Wash the peppers and put in freezer bags until you are ready to use them. Let them thaw before you start to work with them. Make sure to use a very sharp knife to cut the previously frozen peppers as they will be leathery. Cut the pepper lengthwise and to one side of the stem. Use your finger to scrape out the seeds and rip off the stem. No need to dice the pepper.
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